Why You Need To Be Consistent

Anything that I’ve ever been successful with I’ve been consistent with.  When I first decided I wanted to lose weight I would workout and eat properly for a few days or weeks and then go off the plan.  I was not successful at losing weight when I first started.  When I became consistent with my efforts I reached my goal.  This is why you need to be consistent.  The only way to reach your goals is to be consistent with your efforts.

Fall In Love With The Process

We all have goals.  Some are huge goals some not so huge but we all have stuff we want in our life.  It’s tempting to just focus on the prize but the only thing that will get you to your ultimate goal is the day to day process.  You have to put in the work every day, not just some days.  The great thing about consistency is that when you’re consistent with something you will at some point fail at what you’re trying to do and this failure is a valuable learning lesson.  When you’re consistent and then fail it’s super easy to figure out what’s not working.  The key is to reevaluate, tweak the process and continue on your journey.

What Happens When You’re Consistent

You create momentum:  If you’re consistent at anything it will propel you to the end result.  Want to lose weight?  Eat healthy and exercise regularly.  Want to create a blog?  Make content for that blog regularly.  Decide how much time you can commit to your goal and then stick to it!

You become more credible: 

Have you ever had a flakey friend who always swears they’re going to get in shape, starts working out and eating healthy for a week and then stops?  When that friend tells you ‘this time I’m going to do it’ do you really believe them?  When you’re inconsistent with your efforts people tend to not take you seriously.

It makes life easier: 

When you do something on a regular basis it’s actually eaiser to sustain that habit than if you only do it once it a while.  When you do it regularly it soon becomes automatic and you become very good at it.

It’ll take you further:

When you create healthy rituals you’ll go from having a desire, to achieving a goal.

You’ll get what you want but you have to be patient: 

If you put in a bit of time every day doing something that gets you closer to your goal it will pay off.  You have to be patient though.  You won’t see instant results, but every day that you put in that effort is leading to something.  Most often the daily effort relatively easy to do but it’s also easy not to do.  The thing with consistent effort is that when you do it nothing amazing happens right away and if you skip it nothing devastating happens either.  But you have to look at the long-term picture.  Think about a year from now.  If you were to eat healthy and exercise 6 days/week for a year what would the end result be?  A strong healthy body that you feel really great about.  What if you did nothing for a year?  The result would be no change, or worse-case scenario disease.  Neither of these things happen overnight but they will happen.  The choice is yours as to what your outcome will be.

If you need a good book to read on this topic, check out the Compound Effect

Day To Day

The day to day practice of being consistent may not be super exciting but remember what you’re working towards.  Decide what you want and decide that the alternative is not an option.  Get consistent and then get ready for great things!

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