Why Cross-Train?

You’ve probably heard of cross-training but are you doing it?  Here are answers to your burning question: Why cross train?

Injury Prevention

One of the best reasons to cross-train is because it helps prevent injury.  When you use the same muscles the same way every day you risk over-use injuries and muscular imbalances.  While the main muscles used for your sport get stronger the other surrounding muscles become weak by comparison.  This can lead to chronic injuries that could plague you for years to come.

Active Recovery

It’s important to have a day of rest planned into your fitness routine for recovery, but you can also recover while staying active.  The benefit of this is that you can keep your fitness level high while still getting recovery for the muscles that really need a rest.


Most people who are active will at some point experience an injury that will require time off.  If this happens, cross-training will keep you from losing your fitness level.  While taking time off from the activity that caused the injury you can keep your fitness by participating in an activity that doesn’t involve the injured area.

Muscular Balance

If you predominantly use the same muscle groups the same way the majority of the time the opposing muscle groups have a tendency to get weak which sets you up for injury or chronic pain.  A cyclist uses their quads, hamstrings and glutes but not so much their abductors and adductors.  It’s important to create balance by focusing on the muscle groups you don’t use as much for your sport.

Improved Performance

If you participate in an activity that requires strong glutes, such as cycling, but your glutes are weak you’re at a big disadvantage.  Strengthening your weaker muscle groups will lead to much better performance.

The Boredom Factor

Even if you love your sport/activity if that’s all you ever do, you’ll get bored.  By adding in other activities you get to take a break from the usual and focus on something different.

Take Care Of Your Body

You only get one body so take care of it so it can serve you well.  Create balance and nurture yourself so you’ll be able to enjoy your sport/activity for many years to come.

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