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“Heather Lind is positive, supportive and approachable! Heather has trained me privately and in spin classes for 6 years. She has never failed to challenge my fitness level and always brings a cheerful energetic attitude to her classes. She not only challenges me, she also challenges herself – she is an athlete. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all fitness areas, as well as, nutrition. As long as Heather is willing to teach me I will be there!”

Linda L.

Linda Testimonial

The words “fun” and “workout” are rarely used in the same sentence but they are when you are talking about Heather! Not only are her courses motivating, they challenge you to improve and even provide a few laughs! I think one of the best things about training with Heather is that she is always prepared for any fitness level. She offers modified versions of anything she is teaching, so that you can progress at your own speed. She also has an amazing repertoire of exercises so you are never bored!

Tamara P.

Tamara Testimonial

”I had the pleasure meeting Heather when I started attending her spin classes. Her classes made me want to give the best I could do in every session,.because Heather is enthusiastic and she loves what she does, so she always gives the best to every client and class.

Her spin classes and boot camp classes were great and I loved the boxing workouts. Heather always varied the boot camp workout sessions so I was never bored. I have never met an instructor with such passion, high energy, caring and impressive followup and goal setting for her clients. She always provided us with valuable tips and information emails in addition to her classes.

She can relate to everyone and her changing signature workouts always left me feeling positive. Heather is a trainer who can help you from plateauing and in addition to being a fitness, nutrition and energy specialist, she is always on top of the latest information, she never stops learning and shares information with you. She also ensures your voice is heard and sets realistic attainable goals to keep you motivated.”

Donna Barker


“I have had the painful pleasure of working with Heather for the past 2 ½ years. Previously, I had always gone to the gym on my own, and found it hard to stay motivated. Heather has really helped me to overcome the boredom by making it fun and different every time. She is a first class trainer who emphasizes making the most of our time and making it fun. I have a lot respect for her abilities as a fitness instructor and would definitely recommend her for anyone trying to get fit, and wanting to enjoy it.”

David Gates


“I have worked out with Heather for three years. I find her extremely motivating, challenging and she keeps her workouts fresh. I always look forward to my workouts with Heather. She is a powerhouse!!”

Jill Schmelke


“Heather is a wonderful indoor cycling instructor – very inspirational, very good and simply an awesome instructor. It is Heather who encouraged me to buy an outdoor road bike and do the Fondo last year. I have never looked back and am thrilled to have become a cyslist. – all due to Heather!!”

Trish H.

I started my first class with Heather 2 years ago as a raw rookie rider. Her class challenged me in a way that I never thought possible and the results have been impressive… more importantly I loved working out at iRide, it has become the best two days of the week that I look forward to… Inspirational, motivational, challenging!

Teresa B.

Trish & Teresa Testimonial

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