Benefits Of Being Present

Have you ever been told that in order to appreciate life you need to be present?  Being present means paying attention to what’s going on right here right now and not letting your mind wander.  Let’s look at some benefits of being present.

  1. Less overthinking.

Overthinking usually leads to worrying which usually leads to you not doing the things you want to do.  When you are present and just living in the moment you are not questioning anything.  You’re not trying to analyze the situation.  When you’re present you get to observe your situation without trying to figure out what’s going to happen next.  What happens next is going to happen regardless so why not just be present and experience it for whatever it is.

  1. It creates stronger bonds with people you interact with.

When you let yourself be present with a person you’re having a conversation with, you stop thinking about what you want or ‘need’ to say next.  Amazing things can happen when you let yourself just listen to the person who is talking to you.  You pick up on more of what they are actually saying.  You’re able to have a very bonding interaction with them.  It also helps you to calm your own nerves if you have problems talking with other people.  When you’re feeling nervous while talking to someone it’s because your brain is racing trying to analyze the situation and think about what you’re going to say next.  If you force yourself to be present and really listen to what this person is saying you don’t need to think about what you’re going to say next.  The conversation will just flow naturally.

  1. It allows you to appreciate the small pleasures of life.

Be present in a situation and just notice how great everything is.  Don’t get caught up in your thoughts.  Don’t miss out on all the wonder around you.  Take the time to really see things and appreciate them.  You’ll be surprised by how joyful this will make you feel.

  1. It will let the ones you love know you love them.

Being present when you’re with someone is something a lot of people no longer do.  Everyone has a million thoughts going through their head.  They’re thinking about their day and what they have to do.  They’re so caught up in their own drama that they have no room for the person they’re interacting with.  When you’re with the people you love and appreciate force yourself to be present.  When you’re present with another person a bond is created and you both walk away from that interaction feeling happy and energized.

  1. Helps you to become more open minded.

When you shut off the preconceived thoughts you have about something and just let yourself observe without judgement you allow yourself to have some pretty great experiences.  You also give yourself the opportunity to learn new stuff that just might change your life.

Try It!

If you have a habit of multitasking all the time start practicing being present.  The next time you’re having a conversation with someone force yourself to shut off your mind chatter and focus on what the other person is saying.   When you’re out and about force yourself to focus just on what’s happening as it happens and don’t let any preconceived notions take over your brain.  Being present lets you explore and learn and will leave you with a sense of calmness as well as a sense of excitement about your life and the endless possibilities.  Just try it!