How To Be More Optimistic

I’m an optimist, almost to a fault.  I’ll find the bright side in pretty much any situation.  People have made fun of me for it in the past but that doesn’t bother me.  When you’re optimistic you’ll be able to see opportunity in unlikely places.  Your life will feel more fulfilling and enjoyable.  If you’re struggling with looking on the bright side check out these tips on how to be more optimistic

6 Tips On How To Be More Optimistic

  1. Express gratitude.

Everyday take a few minutes to think about all the things and people in your life you’re grateful for.  You could even keep a gratitude diary.  Thinking about what you’re grateful for allows you to see how fortunate you are and helps you appreciate your life.

  1. Listen to other people’s stories.

Listening to stories of how others have persevered fosters optimism.  People often feel like they’re alone in their struggles so when they hear about someone who has had similar struggles and how it all turned out okay it makes them feel more optimistic about their own situation.

  1. Surround yourself with upbeat people.

It can be easy to get caught up in other people’s drama and that can drain the life right out of you.  Pessimistic people will drain you of energy.  Optimistic people will bring you up.  It’s not always possible to totally avoid pessimistic people but you can limit your time with them and choose to be around someone who’s optimistic as much as you can.

  1. Don’t let the opinions of others bring you down.

A person’s opinion is based on their own reality and experiences.  If someone is telling you that you can’t achieve your goals it has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.  Ignore the naysayers or agree to disagree and keep moving forward on your own path.

  1. Smile!

The next time you’re feeling down about something force yourself to smile.  Just the action of smiling helps to change your mindset.  Also, smiling creates a happy, welcoming environment and draws others in.

  1. Look for something good in every situation.

Even if the situation seems really bleak, look for something positive to focus on.  If you tried something and it didn’t work out take comfort in knowing you learned a lesson.  If you’re working at a job you don’t like, remind yourself that that job provides a regular pay cheque and that you can always take steps to change your career.  Maybe your relationship just ended and you’re feeling really low.  Remind yourself that you’ve now opened yourself to the opportunity of finding someone who truly completes you or maybe you’ll discover that you are actually more happy on your own.

Life Is Too Short To Be Miserable

If you’re a pessimist start making an effort to change how you view the world.  We’re only here for a short time and you want to be open to all the awesome things life has to offer.  If you’re letting yourself be engulfed in a fog of negativity you won’t see those awesome things.  Start changing your habits and start really enjoying life!