Things Only Muscular Women Would Understand

When I was younger I wanted so much to be slim and petite.  I tried everything to get there and nothing worked.  When I started working out I thought that would work but instead of becoming skinny I became muscular.  I’ll admit that at first I was really upset about this.  Luckily I finally learned to appreciate my muscles and learned to come to peace with certain struggles.  There are things only muscular women would understand.

Things Only Muscular Girls Would Understand

  1. You will never find a pair of jeans that will fit both your thighs and your waist.

Jeans are a real problem.  The jeans that fit my thighs are way too big in the waist.  If I grab a pair of jeans with my proper waist size I can barely get my calves into them never mind my quadzilla thighs!

  1. Boots are another issue.

Finding boots that will zip up over my calves is another issue I struggle with.  Luckily they tend to stretch out a bit after a while.

  1. People cautioning you not to get too muscular.

Never listen to these people!  I used to feel so self-conscious about possibly looking masculine.  After asking around a bit I was absolutely reassured by my male friends that a muscular woman is both feminine and sexy.

  1. Small boobs.

Boobs are basically made up of fat so when you lose fat you tend to lose some boobage as well.  Many times in the past I’ve entertained the thought of getting a boob job.  In the end though I knew that wasn’t for me and decided to own the fact that my boobs are really tiny.  The upside?  I never have to wear a bra if I don’t feel like it and I’m into my 40s with no sign of sagging.

  1. The scale is the enemy.

If you’re weight conscious and you have a magic number you’re going to have to let that go.  I wanted so badly to weigh less but as my body got more muscular I weighed the same if not a bit more.  Here’s the thing though.  Muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space.  Many times in the past people asked me if I’d lost weight when I hadn’t because my body had become more compact.  That stupid scale still messes with my mind though – I stay off it as much as possible.

Be Proud of Your Strong Feminine Physique!

A muscular woman is still very feminine and sexy.  Having muscle means your body will move with ease, your bones will be strong and you’ll be able to stay physically active well into your later years.  If you’re a muscular woman embrace it and be proud!