What’s Stopping You From Starting Your Dream Business?

When I first started personal training I knew that one day I wanted my own studio.  At first it was just a thought that was in the back of my head.  As the years went by though, I started making moves to make this happen.  It was never easy but it was worth every bit of work I put in it and I’d never change a thing.  What’s stopping you from starting your dream business?


Common Reasons That Stop People From Starting Their Dream Business


Starting a business is definitely not for everyone.  You really need to think long and hard before you jump in because it will change your life.  If you’re someone who’s thinking of starting your dream business but you haven’t made the leap yet, let’s look at some of the things that might be holding you back and what you can do about it.

  1. You’re not sure you want all the responsibility.

This was something that held me back for a little while.  I’d think about having my own studio but then thought how nice it is to not have all that responsibility.  For instance, if a piece of equipment is broken it’s kind of nice to only have to tell your boss about it rather than being responsible for getting it fixed.  Looking back I realize that this was a pretty lame excuse and I was probably hanging onto it because I was a bit scared to take the leap.

  1. You like the security of a set monthly income.

This is definitely a hard one to let go of, but is a secure monthly income worth feeling unfulfilled?  Are you willing to do something you don’t really like just for the paycheque?  For me the answer was ‘no!’  I need to be doing something I love in order to feel fulfilled and happy with my life.

  1. The cost.

This can stop a lot of people in their tracks.  Don’t let it!  I had no money to start my business – none!  But that didn’t even phase me because I knew I could get money.  There are resources out there that can help you.  I decided to go with a bank loan and use my line of credit and even my credit cards.  I was determined and knew that even though I was going into debt to start my business, once it was up and going I’d make that money back.  Owing that much money was what REALLY motivated me to work my ass off and make my business profitable.

  1. You don’t know how to run a business.

I didn’t know how to run a business when I opened my studio.  Four years before I opened my studio I bought a license to run a bootcamp business.  I figured it would give me a really good idea of what’s involved in running a fitness business and would help me decide if it was really for me.  After 4 years of it I knew I was ready to have my own business and that what I didn’t know I’d learn along the way.  And that’s exactly what happened.

  1. You’re afraid the business will take over your life.

It will.  You have to be ready to put in 3-5 years of your life and during that time learn how to make your business capable of running without you if you eventually want that freedom.  I LOVE my business and I LOVE working in my business.  I know that I need to train people to run it so it can run without me if I ever want to be able to have complete freedom but for now I’m completely happy with where I am.

  1. You’re afraid of the competition.

Don’t worry about the competition.  There will always be ‘competition’ in that there will be businesses that offer the same service as what you’re offering but that’s where it ends.  As long as you do what you do really well, your unique brand will attract the people you need.  People come to my studio because they love the feel of the studio, the style of classes I offer and the type of people who come here.  There are a ton of other fitness places they could go but they choose me because I offer what they want and need.  One business will never appeal to every single person.  If you’re excellent at what you do and you’re authentic, there’s enough business out there for everyone.

Believe In Yourself And Go After Your Dream

Starting a business is scary and it’s not for everyone.  You need to think long and hard before you jump in.  If it’s truly your passion and your dream you’ll do what you need to do to make it work.  You’ll actually amaze yourself with what you’re capable of!