How To Get Back To Your Routine

September is here which means a lot of people are trying to re-establish their routines.  This isn’t always easy and can sometimes cause a bit of anxiety.  If you’re feeling a bit anxious you may need a bit of help to get back to your routine.

Tips On How To Get Back To Your Routine

  1. Schedule it!

When you need to get something done add it to your calendar.  When you have a specific date and time for something you’re more likely to actually do it.  If it’s something you think you might forget to do, tie it to another behavior.  For instance, if you want to start going to the gym every morning, pack up your gym gear so that you can hit the gym right after you drop the kids off at school.

  1. Don’t be an all or nothing type of person.

Face it – sometimes life gets in the way of even the best intentions.  If your day gets away from you and you can’t make it to the gym that doesn’t mean you have to completely skip out on your workout.  Instead work in some physical activity.  Do some squats while you’re preparing dinner.  If you’re watching TV make commercial time plank time.  You can even include your kids and see who can hold their plank for the most commercials.  If you’re at work and you know you won’t make it to the gym after work go for a quick walk during your lunch break.  Even just 10 minutes of physical activity will benefit you physically and mentally.

  1. Make a commitment to someone other than yourself.

If your goal is to get back to your workouts tell someone who you don’t want to disappoint.  Tell them that you’re planning on working out 5 days per week and have them hold you accountable.  If you don’t have anyone close to you to tell, join a Facebook group that will keep you accountable.  Humans hate to disappoint so by telling someone about your intentions you’re setting yourself up for better success.

  1. Get comfortable with being realistic.

There are times where situations will not be optimal for your goals.  For instance, if you’re thinking about following a ketogenic diet, don’t decide not to, just because you have plans every Friday to meet your friends for appetizers and drinks.  Following your ketogenic diet 5-6 days per week is still going to be beneficial.  If you want to stick to a plan long term you need to figure out what fits into your life.  You can challenge yourself but you need to be realistic about what you need in your life.

  1. Make sure the changes you’re wanting to make are actually important to you.

Making changes is tough so make sure the changes you want to make are important to you.  When you start a new routine motivation is high because it’s a new challenge and you’re excited.  But, if what you’re working towards isn’t that important to you, when the motivation starts to fade you’ll quit.  Motivation is a funny thing.  It will be there for you one day and then gone the next.  If what you’re working towards is important enough it will reignite your motivation when things get tough.

All Set!

So, there you go!  Five things to help you get back on track!  I know it’s tough but just remember how great you feel when you’re back on track with your goals and remember how awesome the pay-off is going to be.  Post your goal below to get the ball rolling!