Working Out With A Hangover

Sometimes things happen and you end up having a few too many drinks the night before your workout.  You wake up feeling not so great but you committed to a workout (or maybe you’re the instructor) so you can’t really just skip it.  I don’t recommend working out with a hangover but if you must here are some tips to make your workout a bit safer and a bit more bearable the morning after.

  1. Hydrate now!

As soon as you get up drink some water and then drink some more.  Actually you should chug a glass or two before you go to bed.  Try having some potassium rich coconut water in the morning to help replenish those electrolytes.

When you’re hung over you’re severely dehydrated – that’s what’s causing you to feel so bad.  If you tax your body with a workout when it’s dehydrated you’ll perform poorly and feel even worse.

  1. Eat now!

You may not feel like eating but force yourself to eat a healthy breakfast.  Your body is recovering from the abuse the night before and you’re about to tax it again with a workout.  You absolutely need the proper fuel to do this.  Go for a high protein breakfast like eggs or even a protein shake.  The amino acids will help your body recover better.  Add a banana for the potassium to help replenish your electrolytes.

  1. Get it done now!

Get your workout done in the morning (or whenever you happen to wake up).  The release of endorphins will help you feel better so you can face the rest of the day.  It would be a good idea to stick to a more moderate workout when working out with a hangover.  If you go to hard you could end up feeling even worse.