10 Tips On How To Be Successful At Getting What You Want

If you really want something and you put your mind to it you can achieve it.  Embarking on a new challenge can seem daunting and maybe even impossible but if you make a decision to get it you will.  Here are some tips on how to be successful at getting what you want.

10 Tips On How To Be Successful At Getting What You Want

  1. Stop focusing on who you were and start focusing on who you are and who you want to be.

There’s a good chance that you’ve failed at something in the past.  It’s okay to fail but not if you define yourself by that failure.  You have to let go of the past, figure out what you learned from your past failures and use that knowledge to move forward.  Don’t undermine yourself by assuming you’re the same person you were In the past.  With every failure you should learn new lessons and move forward.

  1. Have confidence in yourself.

Decide that you really can achieve what you want.  Stop second guessing yourself.  When you try to achieve something new you’re doing to need to try new things and figure out what works.  You may have to try a lot of different things before you find something that works.  Have the confidence in yourself that you’ll keep trying new things until you get what you want and know that with determination and consistent effort you will get what you want.  The process may be different from what you imagined but the outcome will be achieving what you set out to achieve.

  1. Don’t let doubters stop you.

Quite often when you set out to achieve a big important goal there’ll be people who will question your ability.  These people are just expressing their own insecurities and you need to not listen to them.  Decide what you want and work towards it no matter what anyone has to say about it.  If someone wants to second guess you or criticize you, let them but don’t let their own self-limiting thoughts effect you.  Who is anyone to tell you that you can’t do something.  Everyday everyone gets to make their own personal choices that will affect how their life turns out.  Choose the things/activities that will move your closer to your goal and do them!

  1. View challenges as opportunities.

Of course there are going to be challenges along the way!  Challenges can’t stop you.  The only thing that can stop you is how you react to challenges.  Each challenge that comes your way is a new opportunity to learn and grow.

  1. Learn to adapt.

Making changes so you can get what you want means you’ll be making changes!  Your life is going to be different!  You have to be able to adapt to different circumstances if you want change.  If you can’t adapt to change your life will never change.

  1. Stop complaining.

Complaining just allows for negativity and self-doubt.   Are things going to get uncomfortable and tough?  Yes!  When things get uncomfortable you know you’re on the right path but you have to make a choice to embrace the discomfort.  When you complain about how tough things are you are wasting valuable time and effort.  If you’re letting yourself complain you’re just filling your mind with absolutely useless stuff that will block out any thoughts that will help you move forward.  You can acknowledge the discomfort but don’t react to it by complaining.  Use it as motivation to keep moving forward to what you want.

  1. Engage in regular self-development.

You need to invest in your own personal growth.  Read personal development books, go to seminars, watch YouTube videos of people who you admire.  It’s up to you to improve yourself but without the proper tools it can be really easy to get stuck.  Everyone has the potential to improve and do great things – you just need the right tools to get there.  Learning how to develop your strengths will make you unstoppable.

  1. Focus on the moment.

It can be tough to shut out the distractions and focus on the moment but if you learn to do this you’re going to be unstoppable.  If you’re trying the achieve something important it needs you to be 100% present.  If you’re working on something but you’re allowing your focus to wander to other things you won’t be using your time as effectively as you could.  Make the decision to dedicate a set amount of time to exactly what you need to do to get closer to your goal.  During this time nothing else exists.  It’s just you and your goal and the task you need to do right now to get closer to it.

  1. Learn from others.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, which is a huge waste of time and energy, learn from them.  Look at other people who have achieved what you want and learn about how they got there.  It won’t be the same path you’ll take, but you could learn some very valuable lessons by looking at the different ways others have achieved what you want.  If possible reach out to someone you admire and ask if they’ll share their story with you.  Almost guaranteed they’ll be happy to.  Listen with an open mind and see what you can apply to your own life.

  1. Be open.

If someone suggests a different way of doing something be open to it.  At first their advice might seem wrong but instead of reacting right away in a negative way tell them you’ll think about it.  Quite often when you hear someone else’s ideas you think they’re wrong because they aren’t the same ideas you had.  This is a normal instant reaction to something that’s different from what you believe.  Take some time to consider the information the other person has offered.  You may just discover something you hadn’t even thought of that will propel you forward towards your goal.

Don’t Get In Your Way

Making changes is scary but if you want to improve your life you need to embrace the scariness.  Don’t stop yourself from going after what you want.  If you do you only have yourself to blame if you’re unhappy with your situation.  Believe in yourself and live the life you want!

Overcome Self-Doubt

Most of us experience self-doubt now and then.  Here’s the question: are you letting your self-doubt stop you from being great?  Chances are you are….you need to learn how to overcome self-doubt so you can have the life you deserve.

Some Tips!

  1. Acknowledge your self-doubt.

Rather than not trying something or not pushing yourself because it feels uncomfortable, acknowledge that what you are feeling is self-doubt.  It’s okay to feel it.  What matters is what you do next.  If you acknowledge it that means that you recognize it as something that’s holding you back.  Once you recognize that you can start to analyze that self-doubt and get beyond it.

  1. Figure out what the root of your self-doubt is.

More often than not self-doubt comes from an experience where you were not successful, or worse yet someone told you that you couldn’t do it.  Really think about what’s causing the self-doubt and then pick it apart.  If you’ve tried something before and failed, ask yourself why you failed.  Once you know that you know what not to do.  If your self-doubt came from something that someone said, think about what that was and ask yourself if there is really any truth at all to it.  How did this person come to the conclusion that you couldn’t be successful.  Chances are they were just projecting their own self-doubt onto you.

  1. Stop making excuses.

When you fear failure, or fear looking bad or fear taking on more than you can handle your brain will come up with a ton of excuses as to why this opportunity isn’t a good fit for you.  When you start making these excuses and justifications for not starting something, recognize that this is just your self-doubt talking and refuse to give into any excuses that your brain comes up with.

  1. Learn the skills.

If your self-doubt is caused by a lack of skill learn that skill!  Pretty much anything can be learned.  If you’re afraid of public speaking you can take courses on that.  If you doubt your ability to run a business take a business course or learn from others who are successful in business.  Most people shy away from things they aren’t good at – that’s just human nature.  But if it’s holding you back from what you want in life it’s time to learn how to do the thing that will get you closer to your dream.

  1. Ease up on yourself!

When you try something new, chances are you’re going to experience some failure.  Failure is an awesome learning tool but only if you use the experience correctly.  When you fail at something don’t get down on yourself.  Don’t let that negative self-talk creep into your head.  Put things in perspective and figure out what the valuable lesson from your failure is.  Treat yourself as you would a close friend or loved one who was struggling with something.

  1. Stop asking for validation.

Input and feedback from others is great!  You can learn a lot from it or you can decide that their input isn’t useful and ignore it.  Trust yourself to make the decisions that are right for you and don’t wait for someone to tell you you’re correct before moving forward.  If you always need other’s validation before moving forward with your life it’s going to be a very slow ride and most likely you won’t reach your potential.

Go Be Great!

This is your life.  You should have big, exciting plans and know that you will achieve them.  Don’t become complacent just because it’s comfortable.  Get out there and be great!