What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

A lot of people struggle with this question.  Deciding what you want to be when you grow up is not a decision to be taken lightly and definitely not something to be pressured into.

If doing something fulfilling for a living is a priority for you, you need to discover what you are meant to be.  This means figuring out your natural talent.

Some people waste a lot of time trying to get good at the things they struggle with thinking that this will help them be better and more successful.  Why waste time trying to improve a weakness so instead of being bad at it, you’re mediocre at it when you could be working on perfecting your natural gift.

Natural talent

Everyone is unique.  Every person has had their own unique experiences and have their own unique way of seeing the world and reacting to it.  What you need to do is embrace how amazing and special you are.  In other words, stop comparing yourself to others and focusing on the things you don’t do well and figure out where you excel.  Once you do that you will start to discover your natural talents and strengths.

What is your natural talent?

Your natural talent is whatever your strongest characteristic is.  It’s something that you just automatically do without even thinking about it that’s beneficial.  Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what it is though, because it’s just such a normal part of who you are.  So how do you discover your natural talent?

Find what makes you feel energized and strong

The thing that makes me feel energized and strong is music and teaching people how to improve their health, fitness and mind set.  My goal is to take people to a place where they feel happy and empowered.  My ultimate happy place is teaching spin classes, using the music to guide the ride and set the mood.

If you can’t quite pin point what makes you feel this way try keeping a journal for 2-3 days to keep track of what you’re doing and how you’re feeling when you’re doing it.  What thoughts dominate your mind?  Out of these thoughts which ones make you feel excited and happy?   Are you happiest when doing something physical?  Or maybe you’re happiest when you’re learning about a certain subject?  What gets you revved up?

What are you investing your time and money in?

Where are you spending your money?  For myself it’s on personal development books, music and workout gear.  What do you LOVE to spend your time doing?  What’s that one thing you do where you completely lose track of time and nothing else seems to matter?  What activity, physical or mental, puts you in a state of pure bliss?

What do the people close to you think?

Ask for people’s opinions on what they think you do best.  Quite often the thing you do best is so natural to you that you don’t even recognize it as anything out of the ordinary.  Ask the people close to you to tell you what they think you excel at.  You’ll probably be surprised by the answers.  Many people fail to see their greatness.

Don’t be selfish!  Share your talent!

Everyone has something unique and great to share with the world.  To not share that talent is selfish.  It can be hard to recognize what you do best and how it could possibly benefit others, but believe me you’ve got something.