How Overthinking Is Holding You Back

Overthinking is a normal thing, but it might be what’s holding you back.  When you overthink things you tend to not act on them and that leaves you stuck where you are.  If you constantly find yourself overthinking everything it’s time to get out of that habit and let yourself enjoy life.

Why Do We Overthink?

When you find yourself overthinking something it’s most likely because you lack confidence in your ability to do something so you think about all the negative possible outcomes.  You second guess yourself because you’re letting yourself believe that you’re not capable of being successful.

Worrying about every little detail will hold you back.  Overthinking is really just a habit and this habit can be broken with a bit of effort.

How To Stop Overthinking Everything

  1. Catch yourself when you start thinking too much about something and remind yourself that your thinking will not lead to any kind of insight or solution.

The only way to know what something will be like is to actually experience it.  Just thinking about it will not give you that experience.  The only way to know how something will turn out is to make a decision and act on it.

  1. Remind yourself that you can always change your path.

Rather than staying stuck because you’re afraid about how things might turn out, move bravely in the direction you want to go in knowing that you can always change your path.  If things start to go south all you have to do is re-evaluate and adjust your course accordingly.

  1. Force yourself to turn off your thoughts and just act.

Quiet that self-doubting voice in your head or better yet don’t even give it a chance to speak.  If you start to hear it, block it out and start doing what you need to do.  All you have to do is start but if you’re letting your self-doubting voice speak you’ll never start and you’ll stay stuck.

Stop Thinking And Start Living

How tragic would it be to have never realized your dream because you couldn’t stop thinking about all the possible negative outcomes?  Shut out that chatter in your head, decide what step you need to take right now and just take that step.  After you take that next step, take the next one and keep going.