How To Do That Stuff That Scares You

Did you know that those things that scare you are things that, deep down you really want to do?  The reason why you feel scared is because you’re imagining a negative outcome.  I’m going to share some ideas on how to do that stuff that scares you.

  1. Figure out the worst-case scenario.

Don’t just think about it, write it down.  When you see it on paper you’ll probably realize that it’s not that bad and even if it did happen life will go on.  At very worse you will have learned something and will be able to grow from that experience.

  1. Stop over-thinking it.

All over-thinking does is break your confidence.  Over-thinking something will never serve you well.  You’ll imagine all sorts of scenarios that will convince you not to try that thing that scares you.  By not even trying that thing that scares you, you’re doing a major disservice to yourself.  Just take the first step and keep going without looking back.

  1. Do it!

The way to get better at something and therefore kill that fear is to do it until it feels comfortable.  Know that each time you do that thing that scares you, it’s going to make doing it again a lot easier and actually result in making that thing like second nature.  An example is public speaking.  The first few times will be nerve wracking but before you know it you’ll actually become quite comfortable with it.

  1. Fake it till you make it.

Did you know that your internal physiology responds to bodily movements such as posture and facial expressions?  When doing something that scares you walk into it like you feel completely confident about it.  You’ll be surprised by how well this works.

  1. Banish negative thoughts.

When you’re feeling insecure it’s because you’re expecting negative results.  Those negative thoughts in your head are holding you back so get rid of them.  It’ll take some practice but any time you have a negative thought stop yourself and force yourself to come up with something optimistic.  It’s hard to do at first but if you’re persistent it’ll become habit.  After a while you’ll actually start to naturally think more optimistically.

Grab Life By The Balls!

Don’t let your fear and insecurities stop you from doing something you really want to try.  Take the first step and then keep going no matter what.  At the end you will discover just how amazing you are and this will give you the confidence to keep trying new things that interest you.