Changing Your Eating Habits Is Tough

Changing your eating habits it tough.  I struggled with it for many years and when I decided to really focus on making a change it took a lot of time.  There are some key mistakes that people make when trying to change their eating habits that will sabotage their efforts.

Why You Struggle


I was always guilty of doing this.  I’d decide that I had to lose weight so I’d cut out a bunch of calories and make certain foods off limits.  This would work for a day or two but inevitably my cravings would overcome me and I’d binge.  While binging I’d tell myself it was okay because I had hardly eaten anything the days before.  No wonder I struggled with weight and self esteem problems!


Learn proper portion sizes of the kinds of food you need to be eating to be healthy.  You might be surprised by how much you should be eating.  When you’re eating the right amount of healthy food you won’t feel deprived and you won’t get such intense cravings.  Never crash diet.

You Eat Diet Foods

Diet foods are just a trap.  They are marketed in a way that makes you believe you can eat these foods and lose weight and be healthy.  A big problem here is that the food is highly processed so it’s not even real food.  Your body needs real food.  The other problem is quite often people have the mentality that if it’s diet food you can eat a lot of it and not gain weight.  Diet food is rarely satisfying so it’s easy to eat a lot in one sitting.  It might be a low amount of calories per serving but if you’ve eaten multiple servings you’ve taken in a lot more than you realize.


Eat real food.  Don’t be drawn in by diet foods.  I used to binge on diet foods and that’s what contributed a lot to my weight gain.  Stick to foods that came from the ground and/or an animal.

Not Being Prepared

You need to have good food on hand and leave the junk in the store.  You might buy some junk food with the greatest intentions of only indulging once in a while in a controlled manner…..that doesn’t work!  If it’s handy you’ll eat it more often then you intend and more of it.


Find healthy food that you like and stock your cupboards.  Fruits, pre-cut vegetables, nuts, seeds – all of these make great snacks you can have on the go.  Have quick and easy breakfast options for those days you’re in a rush so you don’t stop at a coffee shop and end up with something unhealthy.  Shakes are a great option for breakfast as long as it’s a healthy shake.

An All Or Nothing Attitude

This was totally me.  Either I was on a diet or very much off a diet.  I would be too strict with myself, cave and eat something I knew I shouldn’t and then decide that since I’d already ruined my diet I better really ruin it.  Vicious cycle.


Stop looking at food as either good or bad.  It is possible and very healthy to have a balance when it comes to food.  Food is what nourishes our body and soul.  Give yourself permission to have treats once in a while so that when you do you don’t beat yourself up over it.


A lot of people struggle with food and it can be crippling.  Developing a healthy attitude toward food can be tough but it’s doable and so worth the effort to get there.  If you need help, comment below.