Quick Tips To Create An At Home Workout

There are some days where you just can’t get to the gym or your favourite studio.  Maybe you’re too busy to fit in a trip out for your workout, or you’ve got young kids at home for the day, or maybe the weather is too horrible to go out in.  Whatever the reason is, just because you can’t go out to workout doesn’t mean you have to miss your workout!  You just need some tips to create an at home workout.

Here are some tips for creating a great and efficient workout you can do in your own home!

Alternate Between Upper And Lower Body Movements

Alternating between upper and lower body movements will keep you moving because while one area is recovering you’ll be working a completely different area.   Since lower body exercises will most likely raise your heart rate, you can let your heart rate recover  while doing an upper body exercise instead of just resting.

Add In Some Plyometric Exercises

To really get things going add in some plyometric exercises.  Make sure they’re short bursts, your landing softly and you’re not doing a bunch in a row.  Plyometrics help to boost your heart rate much higher and really work on developing good strength and power.

Here are a few plyometric exercises to try: jump squats, jump lunges, clap push-ups, or burpees.  If you have joint issues though you may need to skip the plyos and instead of jumping just do the exercise faster than you normally would but with control.  If you’re doing burpies do them without jumping – you’ll still get your heart rate up pretty high.

Work Your Core When You Need To Rest

If you get to a point where you really need to rest both your upper and lower body, rather than doing nothing and letting your body cool down, do some core exercises.

This will help to keep the body moving and prevent blood from pooling due to the sudden stop in activity.

No Excuses!

Don’t let any obstacles get in your way of going after your health and fitness goals.  If you let yourself skip a workout it get’s really easy to justify skipping future workouts.  Be sure to have a rest day or two in your weekly plan and make it a non-negotiable to skip your workout on a planned workout day unless you’re sick or injured.

If you need an at home workout leave a comment or e-mail me at info@wholeyfit.ca – I’m here for you!!