How To Pick The Right Workout Program For You

Are you thinking about starting a workout program?  Or maybe you already have one but you don’t like it.  Your workouts should be something you enjoy.  Here’s some help on how to pick the right workout program for you!

What are your goals?

Before you can pick a workout program you have to be really clear on your goals.  Are you trying to lose a bit of weight?  Then you’ll need a program that includes cardio. Are you trying to add some muscle?  You’ll need to lift heavy if you want to build muscle.  Are you wanting to train for a specific event?  What’s the event?  What workout most closely mimics the event you’re training for.  Once you know your goal you can figure out what type of program you need.

What motivates you?

If you find music to be motivating make sure you can use music during your workouts.  Some people find being accountable to another person to be very motivating.  In that case find a buddy to workout with, join a class at your favourite studio or gym, or join an online group of like-minded people.  Are you the competitive type?  Check out your local Meetup groups for recreational sports teams.

What does your schedule look like?

When’s the best time for you to exercise?  Give this some thought.  If you’re the type that doesn’t want to do anything strenuous after work schedule your workouts for early morning or on your lunch break.

What do you really enjoy?

Do you love the comradery of a group program?  Try joining a registered program where everyone starts on the same day and works toward common goals.  Do you prefer to go solo?  Maybe long distance running is for you.  Do you like to be a part of a group without the pressure of having to keep up with anyone?  Try a spin class – the instructor guides the ride but everyone gets to go at their own pace.  Do you prefer the privacy of your own home?  Subscribe to an online program.

All You Have To Do Is Pick What You Like

Being physically active does not mean you have to slave away at something you hate.  Your workouts should be your fun time so find something physical that’s fun for you!  There are endless possibilities!  The only limiting factor is you 😉