Do Fat Burners Actually Work?

Most people have heard of fat burners and many people have tried them.  Unfortunately, a lot of people who have tried them were hoping that they were a miracle pill that would magically melt fat.  If this is what you’re hoping for you’ll be disappointed.  So, do fat burners actually work?  They do!  But there’s a slight catch.

Do Fat Burners Actually Work?

Yes they do!  That’s the good news!  Here’s the (maybe) not so good news.  They do not work on their own.  Fat burners are meant to supplement an already healthy and active lifestyle to help you lean out.  In other words you can’t just pop a fat burner and then sit on your ass eating crap and expect to lose fat.  You need to be active and eating properly in order to get the benefits from fat burners.

How Do Fat Burners Actually Work?

Fat burners contain ingredients that cause the release of certain hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine.  These hormones signal the mobilization of fat from fat stores to be released into the blood stream to be used as fuel.

The key thing to take away from this is that the fat is made available to be USED.  In other words, if you’re not working out and creating a need for that fuel the fat just gets stored again.

Fat burners also contain ingredients that help suppress appetite and increase thermogenesis.  Both of these factors will help create a calorie deficit which technically translates into weight loss.  Again though, to get the best results you need to be eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Are Fat Burners Safe?

They are as long as you use them correctly and you don’t have any conditions where stimulants could put you at risk for a heart attack.  As with anything read the label and use them correctly.  Don’t double up on the dose because you want faster results – it does NOT work that way.  Taking too many stimulants can be dangerous for even the healthiest of people.  Fat burners contain caffeine so keep that in mind if you already consume products with caffeine in them.  You should keep your daily caffeine consumption below 400mg.

Should You Try Fat Burners?

Fat burners can be a very effective tool to help you get lean if you use them correctly.  Make sure you eat healthy and exercise regularly if you decide to start using them.  As always, if unsure talk to your doctor first and only use them as directed.