Why People Who Join Groups Are More Successful

Did you know that by joining a group of like-minded people you are actually setting yourself up for success?  Not saying that you can’t achieve your goals on your own, but typically people who join groups are more successful at reaching their goals more quickly

The Psychology Behind Groups

People tend to join groups because groups meet their psychological and social needs.  I tried running my business on my own and did okay, but it wasn’t until I joined a group of like-minded business builders that my business really began to grow.  Here are some reasons why we do so well in groups.

  1. Motivation and inspiration.

When you’re trying to accomplish a goal motivation is high in the beginning when it’s all new.  After some time though motivation starts to fall off.  In a group you’ll get motivation and inspiration from your fellow members.  You’ll see that they struggle too, which makes you feel like you’re not alone.  You’ll also see their triumphs showing you that you can achieve your goal if you stay on track.

  1. The need to belong.

As humans we have a deep and strong need to belong.  Feeling isolated and/or rejected has a very negative effect on you.  Being a part of a group makes you feel happier and more satisfied.

  1. Improved performance.

When you’re a part of a group you feel a sense of duty to not let your group down.  Even when things get really tough and you don’t feel like doing the work, knowing that others are counting on you and want you to be successful motivates you to stay on track.

  1. Knowledge in numbers.

Have you ever been trying to accomplish something and then you get stuck and you don’t know how to progress forward?  For most people this is where they give up.  If you’re a part of a group you can let your group know you’re stuck and your group will be able to help you.

Your Group, Your Tribe

When you join a group, bonding immediately begins.  You become like a family and you know that your group has your back.  Trying to reach goals alone is lonely and, in most cases, frustrating.  Want success?  Define your goal and find a group of like-minded people to join. 

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