Common Fitness Myths Explained!

If you’re new to fitness or even if you’ve been doing it for a long time you may be confused by all the info that’s out there.  Let’s look at some common fitness myths and learn the truth so you’re not wasting any time doing the wrong things!

Fitness Myths

  1. You can eat anything you want as long as you workout.

Unfortunately, this is not true.  You can easily out eat even the best training program.  Your body needs proper amounts of whole natural foods in order to reap the benefits of your training program.  Don’t undo all that hard work by eating junk.

  1. You can spot train problem areas.

Spot reduction is not possible unless you get liposuction.  When you workout, your body will burn fat from different areas of your body at different rates.  The rate has to do with your genetic make-up.  With proper training and diet you’ll reduce fat all over your body, but unfortunately you can’t force your body to burn fat from any one specific area.

  1. You need to stretch before your workout.

You do need to warm up before a workout but you don’t need to stretch.  In fact, some studies suggest that stretching before a workout destabilizes the muscle which could lead to injury.  Do a good 5-10 minute warm-up before your workout concentrating on moving the muscles you’re going to work and then do your stretch at the end of your workout after your cool down.

  1. Women should lift lighter weights and do more reps than men.

Many women avoid heavy weights because they’re afraid of looking bulky.  Women simply don’t have enough testosterone to build huge muscles.  If a woman notices that she’s looking bulky from lifting weights it’s most likely due to a diet that’s supporting fat gain.  If a woman’s diet is healthy and supports fat loss, lifting heavy will not make her look bulky or masculine.  Both women and men should be lifting heavy enough weights to fatigue them within about 6-8 reps.  If you’re using a weight where you can easily do 20 reps, the weight is not heavy enough to cause changes in the muscle.  Lift heavy, eat right and get ready to look and feel amazing!

  1. Workout more to get results.

I’ve fallen for this one.  It’s tempting to think that if a bit of working out is good way more should be way better!  This is not true.  Your body needs to recover if you want it to get stronger.  Your workouts should be efficient and you need to schedule in at least one rest day.  Aim to workout for 30-45 minutes per session and workout at an intensity that’s challenging.

Hope That Clears Things Up A Bit!

People workout because they want to improve their health and fitness.  Don’t waste your time doing stuff that won’t work!  If you’re confused about something talk to an experienced trainer.  Enjoy your workouts and don’t get caught up in the confusion.  Got questions?  I’m here to help!

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