Intermittent Fasting

I’ve never tried intermittent fasting (aka IF) but I have a few friends who have and they love it.  Recently a friend asked me about it and I couldn’t really tell her anything because I don’t really know too much about it so I looked it up to see what I could learn and share with you.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Basically, IF is just cycling between periods of eating and periods of fasting.  We all fast while we’re sleeping and IF can be as simple as extending that period of fasting.  For example, you could eat your last meal by 8pm and then skip breakfast the next day and eat your lunch at 12pm.  This works out to an 8 hour eating period followed by a 16 hour fasting period.  This seems to be one of the more popular ways of doing IF.

No food is allowed while fasting, but you can have water, tea or coffee.  You can also take supplements as long as they don’t have any calories.

Why Practice Intermittent Fasting?

Humans have been fasting for thousands of years.  Whether it was due to food shortage, religious reasons, due to illness or for weight loss fasting is nothing new.  Your body adapts quite well to fasting and will change bodily processes in order for you to thrive during periods of famine.

Some things that happen when your fast are:

  • Significant reductions in blood sugar.
  • Significant reductions in insulin level.
  • Drastic increase in human growth hormone.

Some benefits of fasting include:

Types of Intermittent Fasting

There’s more than one way to practice IF.  Most people seem to prefer the 16/8 method.  Fast for 16 hours and then have an 8 hour window to eat.  People tend to consume the same amount of calories but their body gets 16 hours of not having to break down and digest food.

Another popular method is the 5/2 method.  For 5 days, you eat normal and then for 2 days you eat only about 500-600 calories.

Then there’s the eat-stop-eat method.  For this one you pick one or two days a week where you don’t eat anything between dinner on day one and dinner on day two, ie a 24 hour fast.

My Take On It

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of fasting but that’s coming from my own personal experiences so if you want to try it do it.  I have friends who swear by it and research has shown some benefits.  The only instance where I would advise against it is if you have a history of eating disorders as fasting could be a trigger for some people.

As always, I stand by the notion that everyone is different and what works for some might not work for all.  If you’re curious talk to someone who can guide you so you can do it properly.  There are tons of Facebook groups if you don’t know anyone to ask.

Take A Break Before You Break!

I know some of us think we don’t, but we all need to take breaks once in a while.  Many people feel like they’re too busy to take a break but what they don’t realize is that not taking a break is making them less effective.  Breaks are necessary if you want to perform at your best and feel excited about what you do.  Not sure if you need a break?  Check out the warning signs below that you need to take a break before you break!

Warning Signs You Need A Break

  1. You truly believe there just isn’t enough time to get everything done.

I think a lot of people fall into the trap of trying to do everything themselves so it gets done right.  This is a bit of a control freak characteristic.  If you’re one of those people and you keep running around trying to do everything you’re going to burn out.  You need to take a break and use that time to figure out what you absolutely have to do and what you can delegate to others.  It’ll be hard at first but once you see how much more effective you become you’ll be so glad you did it.

  1. A ringing phone stresses you out.

When you’re super busy and the phone rings it signifies more work which can completely stress you out.  If this is happening to you it’s a clear sign that you have way too much on your plate and you need to step out for a while to reevaluate.  Quite often a lot of the things you do can be streamlined or delegated or dropped completely.  You need a clear head to be able to figure all that out so take a break.

  1. You have no social life.

Spending time with people you love is something we all need to do as often as possible.  Did you know that people with more active social lives tend to live longer?  If you’re so busy that you can’t carve out time to spend with your friends and loved ones you really need to take a break and get some of that quality time with them.

  1. You hate it when there’s a change in your routine.

When you’re so busy trying to be in charge of every aspect of your life a change can really throw you for a loop.  If you find yourself getting angry when someone changes a meeting time or reschedules plans they had with you it’s time to schedule some time off.

  1. Things that normally wouldn’t annoy you suddenly start annoying you.

Are you finding yourself getting annoyed with things that normally wouldn’t bother you?  Are certain people who you’re close to suddenly becoming super annoying?  This can be a symptom of burnout and a clear sign that you need to get away before you react in a way that you’ll regret later.

Take A Break!

I know it’s easy to get caught up in your own busy world but taking breaks is essential.  If you never take a break you could be heading to a really bad outcome.  Don’t let yourself get to a point where you hate what you do and you’re miserable with your life.  Schedule in regular breaks so you can be the best you.

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! 10!!!!

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

Complete 5 Rounds for Time!

10 Burpees with a Pushup

10 Flutter Kicks 1-1

10 Reverse Lunges 1-1

10 Reverse Crunch

10 Russian Twist 1-1

10 Side To Side Squats 1-1

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself!

A lot of people have a tendency to be really hard on themselves.  They think that what they’re doing is never good enough.  If this is you, you need to stop being so hard on yourself!

How To Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

  1. Remember that mistakes are part of the learning process.

We all make mistakes!  You should actually strive to make mistakes because it’s the best way to learn.  When you experience what doesn’t work you won’t repeat it.  You’ll learn and grow from the experience.  Welcome your mistakes – just make sure you learn from them 😉

  1. There is no right way to do anything and there is no such thing as the perfect time to start something.

If you find yourself not doing something because you think you’ll do it wrong, you’re wrong!!  There’s no ‘right’ way of doing things.  Everyone has their own path to follow and the way you do things may be totally different from how someone else would do it but that does not make it wrong.  And please don’t tell yourself that you have to wait for the right time to start something.  If you want to do something, start now.  There will never be a ‘perfect’ time so if that’s what you’re waiting for get ready for a long wait.

  1. Accept that your weaknesses are part of what make you unique.

No one is good at everything so don’t get down on yourself for your weaknesses.  Instead view your weaknesses as just a part of what makes you you.  Appreciate your strengths and get help with the stuff you’re not so good at.  When you reach out for help you get to meet some pretty awesome people.

  1. Don’t get hung up on the past.

Everything that happened to you in the past has made you who you are today but your past is not your identity.  Whatever you went through, whatever ‘mistakes’ you made taught you valuable lessons that allowed you to grow and become the person you are today.

  1. Learn from criticism.

Criticism can be hard to hear but it also teaches you a lot.  When someone criticizes you listen to what they’re saying and then thank them for pointing it out.  At first it might hurt your ego a bit, but you need to let go of your ego and listen with an open mind.  It’s great to hear good things from people but criticism is what you learn from.  You do need to know the difference between constructive criticism and criticism that’s coming from a bad place though.  Some people are at such a low point in their life that they need to bring others down to help make them feel better.  Consider the source, look for any valuable lessons and let the rest go.

Lighten Up Already!

There are too many awesome things in life to experience to let yourself get caught up in your own head too much.  Stop taking yourself so seriously!  Live your life without fear of not being perfect and look for the humour in things.

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! 60, 45, 30!

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

Round 1: 60 secs each exercise, Round 2: 45 sec each, Round 3: 30 sec each

Push Up

Dead Bug

Mountain Climbers

Hip Bridge

Frog Jumps

Gorilla Walk

Pike Push Up

How To Get Back To Your Workout Routine!

It happens to the best of us!  You suddenly realize that you haven’t worked out in ages and you’re not feeling as good as you used to.  You want to get back into your routine but you’re struggling to get started.  I’ve got some tips tips on how to get back to your workout routine.

Get Back To Your Workout Routine With These Easy Steps

You can’t deny that working out just makes you feel better.  That rush of endorphins is addictive.  So why is it so easy to fall out of your routine?  Why is it so hard to get started again?  The thing about exercise is that it creates some discomfort while you’re doing it and generally most people like to avoid discomfort.  But think about all the amazing things that working out does for you.  The endorphin rush, the confidence you feel when your body is in shape, less body aches and better energy!

Here are some tips to get you back into the game!

  1. Commit to a 30 day challenge.

Whether it’s an organized challenge or just one you set out for yourself, commit to 30 days.  By committing to a set amount of time you eliminate the fear of a long term commitment but quite often, after 30 days, your new routine has become a habit that you don’t want to give up.

  1. Sign up for classes at a boutique studio.

Instead of paying a monthly fee at a gym and maybe, or maybe not, showing up for your workouts pre-commit to classes at your favourite studio.  When you know that you’re paying for a particular class whether you show up or not, chances are you’re going to show up.  Also when you’re doing a class in a small boutique studio you know everyone will notice if you skip out early so you’re more likely to stay for the whole workout.

  1. Write down how you feel after your workout.

Get yourself to that first workout and then right after write down how great you feel.  Include a lot of detail as if you were trying to sell it to someone.  The next time you’re having a problem with motivating yourself to go to your workout, read your notes.  Most likely this will be enough motivation to get you out the door.

  1. Find an instructor you love.

If you love your instructor you’re going to be more excited about getting to your workout.  Find someone who teaches an awesome class and motivates you the way you like to be motivated.  Like to be yelled at?  Find an instructor who teaches like that.  Maybe you like an instructor who gently encourages you.  Or maybe you like an instructor with great taste in music.  Or maybe you just like a bit of eye candy.  Whatever works for you, there’s an instructor out there who will fit the bill 😊

  1. Reward yourself.

We all love rewards so why not use this as motivation.  You could reward yourself with new workout gear, or by starting an after class coffee ritual with your fellow workout buddies.  By associating something you enjoy with your workout you’ll be less likely to skip the workout.

  1. Recruit friends.

Find some friends who also want to workout and make a pact to commit to working out together.  As human beings we typically don’t like to let other people down so if you have buddies who are expecting you you’ll be less likely to skip out.

You Can Do It!

It’s hard to get back into a fitness routine, especially if it’s been a while but you can absolutely do it!  Think of the benefits and how great you’re going to feel (and look) and get your butt back into it!

How To Get What You Want

Maybe you’ve heard of the law of attraction.  Basically the law of attraction says that you attract what you put out into the universe.  If your thoughts are negative you’ll attract negative experiences but if your thoughts are positive you’ll attract positive experiences.  Using the law of attraction can help you get what you want out of life.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get What You Want Out Of Life

  1. Align your thoughts with what you want.

What you think about is what you become.  If you think you’re doomed to live a hard life, you’ll live a hard life.  If you think you can achieve whatever you want, you’ll achieve whatever you want. What you tell yourself on a regular basis is what you become.

  1. Vocalize what you want.

Saying something out loud is very powerful.  Talk to someone about what you plan to do and what you want to happen.  Talk about it like it’s already about to happen and talk about it often.  The other great thing about talking about it is that sometimes another person’s feedback or suggestion is the exact info you need to get you closer to that thing you want.

  1. Imagine you already have what you want and let yourself experience the feeling of having it.

Make an effort once a day for at least a few minutes to imagine in great detail the outcome that you want.  If you want to lose weight see yourself at the weight you want to be.  See yourself doing the things you want to do in your new healthy body.  Imagine exactly how that feels.  Think about it as if it’s already happened and focus on your feelings about it.

  1. Take inspired action.

Wishing for, talking about and thinking about what you want won’t quite get you all the way there.  You need to take action steps to get to where you want to be.  Want to improve your health and fitness?  Start learning what you need to do to do that and take small steps that put you on the track to get there.

You Decide What Your Life Will Be Like

You have way more power than you think to make your life exactly what you want.  If you’re really serious about what you want use the steps above to get you there.  It’s not easy!  You can’t just wish for it and expect it to happen, you have to work for it.  Create your vision, attach yourself emotionally to it and then take inspired action to make it happen.

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! 4:20 Workout!

4:20 Workout

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

4 Rounds

20 Power Jacks

20 Mountain climbers

20 Russian Twist

20 High Knees

4 Rounds

20 Plank Jacks

20 Prone Tuck Jumps

20 Windshield Wipers (10/side)

20 Single Leg Pulsing Glute Bridges (20/leg)

How To Be More Optimistic

I’m an optimist, almost to a fault.  I’ll find the bright side in pretty much any situation.  People have made fun of me for it in the past but that doesn’t bother me.  When you’re optimistic you’ll be able to see opportunity in unlikely places.  Your life will feel more fulfilling and enjoyable.  If you’re struggling with looking on the bright side check out these tips on how to be more optimistic

6 Tips On How To Be More Optimistic

  1. Express gratitude.

Everyday take a few minutes to think about all the things and people in your life you’re grateful for.  You could even keep a gratitude diary.  Thinking about what you’re grateful for allows you to see how fortunate you are and helps you appreciate your life.

  1. Listen to other people’s stories.

Listening to stories of how others have persevered fosters optimism.  People often feel like they’re alone in their struggles so when they hear about someone who has had similar struggles and how it all turned out okay it makes them feel more optimistic about their own situation.

  1. Surround yourself with upbeat people.

It can be easy to get caught up in other people’s drama and that can drain the life right out of you.  Pessimistic people will drain you of energy.  Optimistic people will bring you up.  It’s not always possible to totally avoid pessimistic people but you can limit your time with them and choose to be around someone who’s optimistic as much as you can.

  1. Don’t let the opinions of others bring you down.

A person’s opinion is based on their own reality and experiences.  If someone is telling you that you can’t achieve your goals it has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.  Ignore the naysayers or agree to disagree and keep moving forward on your own path.

  1. Smile!

The next time you’re feeling down about something force yourself to smile.  Just the action of smiling helps to change your mindset.  Also, smiling creates a happy, welcoming environment and draws others in.

  1. Look for something good in every situation.

Even if the situation seems really bleak, look for something positive to focus on.  If you tried something and it didn’t work out take comfort in knowing you learned a lesson.  If you’re working at a job you don’t like, remind yourself that that job provides a regular pay cheque and that you can always take steps to change your career.  Maybe your relationship just ended and you’re feeling really low.  Remind yourself that you’ve now opened yourself to the opportunity of finding someone who truly completes you or maybe you’ll discover that you are actually more happy on your own.

Life Is Too Short To Be Miserable

If you’re a pessimist start making an effort to change how you view the world.  We’re only here for a short time and you want to be open to all the awesome things life has to offer.  If you’re letting yourself be engulfed in a fog of negativity you won’t see those awesome things.  Start changing your habits and start really enjoying life!