5 Reasons Why We Need Vacations

Vacations are fun but did you also know that they’re good for your health?  If you’re super busy it might be tempting to forgo your vacation but don’t!  Here’s why we need vacations.

Why We Need Vacations

  1. Vacations help you to calm your mind.

Some neurologists believe that the neural connections that make you feel calm become weaker if they’re not used regularly.  This means that over time, if you don’t vacation, it’ll become harder for you to switch into relaxation mode.  Without the ability to switch over to relaxation mode your stress levels will go through the roof.

  1. Vacations help reduce your risk of having a heart attack.

Did you know spending some down time with family and friends can reduce the risk of heart attack by as much as 30% in men and 50% in women?  Down time is critical for your overall health.

  1. Vacations restore your energy.

Taking a vacation increases your energy.  When you get back to work after your vacation this energy will make work seem easier and maybe even more enjoyable.

  1. Vacations make you happier with your entire life.

If all you do is work and never take a break you’re going to start to feel like your life sucks.  When people schedule in regular vacations and take control over their free time they feel much more satisfied with their life overall.

  1. Vacations allow you to view the world differently.

When you go on vacation it gives you a chance to experience different cultures and a different way of living.  This can be a real eye opener and often results in you viewing your own life differently.

Book Your Next Vacation Now!

Don’t just tell yourself that you’re going to make time for a vacation soon, book it now so you have to commit.  Booking ahead of time saves you money and guarantees that you will take that quality time you need.  It’s easy to talk yourself out of taking a vacation because life is SUPER busy.  Don’t get into that unhealthy habit.  Book your next vacation now and start daydreaming about how great it’s going to be!

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! Pyramid!


Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

 Pyramid 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 Rest 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Lateral Lunges (1-1)

Side Plank Dips (1-1)

Forward and Back Jumps (1-1)

Shoulder Taps (in plank position 1-1)

Butt Kicks (1-1)

Nutrition Myths!

There is a ton of information out there on nutrition.  A lot of it is contradictory and has been causing mass confusion.  Let’s look at some of the more common nutrition myths and find out the truth!

5 Common Nutrition Myths

  1. Avoid salt to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Did you know that there isn’t any good scientific study to support this claim?  It is true that lowering your salt intake can cause a moderate decrease in blood pressure but it doesn’t have any effect on heart attack or stroke risk.  The exception of course is if you happen to have a medical condition such as salt-sensitive hypertension.  For the average healthy person salt is not an issue and it’s actually needed in your diet.  Just make sure you’re using a good sea salt and not table salt. The process that makes table salt look the way it does uses toxic chemicals.  Did you know that most table salt has sugar added to it?

  1. Egg yolks increase your cholesterol.

We’ve all heard that egg yolks are high in cholesterol.  Did you know that dietary cholesterol has very little effect on cholesterol in the blood for the majority of people?  Studies have shown that whole eggs actually raise our good cholesterol.  Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat and almost all the nutrients are found in the yolk.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.  Some studies have found an increase in heart attack risk in diabetics who eat eggs.  Also if you’re genetically predisposed to having high cholesterol you may need to limit you consumption of eggs.

  1. Coffee is bad for you.

Did you know that coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants in the Western diet?  Coffee drinkers also have a lower risk of developing such things as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and depression.

Stick to 2-3 cups/day and buy organic beans that you grind right before use.

  1. A high protein diet strains the kidneys and increases your risk for kidney disease.

If your kidneys are healthy, a high protein diet will not cause harm to them.  Numerous studies done on athletes who consume a high protein diet have shown that it doesn’t harm the kidneys.  If you have pre-existing kidney issues you do have to be careful with how much protein you consume, but if you have healthy kidneys a high protein diet is safe.

  1. Low fat foods are good for helping you control your weight.

When you take a natural food and remove the fat the result is terrible texture and taste.  Food manufacturers fixed this by adding a bunch of sugar to these foods.  Excess sugar is incredibly harmful!  Fat that’s found naturally in foods is good for you, just watch your portion sizes.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and unfortunately the manufacturers care more about your money than your health.  When you read the latest nutrition article look for who sponsored the article and ask yourself what they might gain from you believing what they’re saying.

When in doubt go for natural whole foods and learn to listen to your body.

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! 45/15!


Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

45sec Work 15sec Rest (Complete 3 Rounds)

Burpee Side Jump


Reverse Lunges


High Knees

Reverse Crunches

Froggy Jumps

Up Down Plank with optional Push Up

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! Mixed Workout!

Mixed Workout!

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

Lunges (left vs. right)

EMOM 7 min
10 Reverse Crunches
10 Alternating Upper Body Circles
10 Leg Raises

Tabata: 1

Jack knives (left vs. right)

Ladder 33 22 11

Plie Squats Touch Floor

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! 15/30


 Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

 Workout (4 sets of 15 reps)
Lateral Lunges (1-1)

Jump Squats

Speed Skaters

3 sets of 30
Flutter Kicks (1-1)
Toe Touches
Side to Side Reaches (1-1)

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts

If you’re taking the time and making the effort to improve your health and fitness, congratulations!  You should be super proud of yourself!  But what if you’re not doing everything you can to get the results you want?  No one wants to waste precious time. How can you get the most out of your workouts?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts

  1. Commit!

First thing you need to do is make a solid commitment to your fitness.  Not just to yourself!  It’s too easy to slack when you’ll only be disappointing yourself.  Tell someone, or a group of people what you’re committing to.  Better yet, sign yourself up for a fitness program.  That way when you’re having a bad day and don’t want to do your workout you’ll be motivated by the fact that you don’t want to disappoint anyone.

  1. Set your goals and make a clear plan.

What do you want to accomplish?  Think about it in great detail and then write it down.  Once you’ve written it down, write out your action plan.  Need help?  There are trainers who can help you or you can check out some Facebook groups for help.  If you’re not sure what to do it’s best to ask for help.

  1. Follow your plan.

Now that you have a plan, follow it!  Eat the foods you need to eat in the proper portions.  Schedule your workouts like non-negotiable appointments.  If you’re not sticking to your schedule you’re doomed to fail.

  1. Celebrate your progress.

Make sure you track your results.  Measure yourself and do a strength test when you start your program and then do weekly checks.  Write it down!  Share it with someone!  When you know you’ll be sharing your results with someone else it’ll suddenly become way more important to you to stay on track.

  1. Warm up, practice perfect form and cool down.

You can’t skip the warm up and cool down and it you’re using anything less than perfect form you’re going to injure yourself.  If you’re not sure what to do hire a trainer for a session or two or search Youtube for some great videos 🙂 

  1. Sign up for an event or competition.

Nothing is more motivating than knowing that you’re going to need to do well in front of a lot of people.  Pick an event that’s about 5 months away and sign up for it.

  1. Hire an expert.

If you’re planning on doing an event or competition indulge in some proper training.  The experts are experts for a reason – they know how to get you to where you need to be.  Even if it’s just for a couple of info sessions it’s well worth the money to consult with someone who knows what to do.

  1. Rest!

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that rest is a waste of time.  Your body needs rest!  While you’re resting amazing things are happening and those things can only happen when you’re resting.  You do micro damage to your muscles when you’re working out.  This is not what makes you stronger.  You get stronger while you’re resting letting your body repair itself.  Do NOT underestimate the importance of rest.

  1. Eat!

You can work your ass off in the gym but if you’re not eating to support your new active lifestyle you will not get results.  You need healthy carbs, fats and protein and you need them in the proper ratios.  Hire a sports nutritionist to help you and then use an app such as MyFitnessPal to keep you on track.

  1. Fall in love with the process.

Improving your health and fitness is a process, not a quick fix.  Learn to love the process because if you want to maintain your health and fitness you have to keep doing this for the rest of your life.  Figure out what kind of program you can see yourself following for the long term.  Do NOT do anything extreme because you won’t be able to maintain it and it’ll backfire on you big time!

This Is Your Life

Eating healthy and working out should be a normal part of everyone’s life.  There is SO much preventable disease out there that you can avoid.  If you need help starting, talk to someone who can help you and just get started right now.

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! AMRAP & Tabatas

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.


30 Mountain Climbers

20 Bicycle Crunches

10 Prone Tuck Jumps



Up Down Planks


15 Sumo Squats

10 Pushups

5 Burpees


Side Plank (4 on one side 4 on the other)

5 Benefits Of Using A Remote Personal Trainer

Have you ever felt like you wanted a personal trainer to help you get fit and healthy but you have a really crazy schedule which makes it hard to commit to a schedule and you can’t really afford it anyway?  Why not try out a remote personal trainer?

What Is A Remote Personal Trainer?

Remote personal training is where your trainer designs a customized fitness program based on your needs.  Your trainer helps you stick to the program and keep track of your results without meeting with you physically.  All communication is done through e-mails or text/phone or an app you can download to your smart phone.  You don’t get to work one on one with your trainer but you do get all the info, support and guidance you need to be successful.

5 Benefits Of Remote Personal Training

  1. It’s affordable.

What you pay for a month of training with a remote trainer is about what you’d pay for one or two sessions with a one on one trainer.

  1. It fits your schedule no matter how hectic it is.

Your trainer will give you a program to follow.  All you have to do is fit in into your day when it’s convenient.  No more having to cancel appointments because of a sudden schedule change.

  1. Your program can be done anywhere.

You can ask for a program that you need a gym for or one you can do at home or outside.  Whatever you need, your trainer can provide.

  1. There’s accountability.

Your trainer will have a system for keeping you accountable.  It could be through daily e-mails or text messages, or a weekly video call, or a private Facebook group or an app that you can download onto your phone.

  1. Your program can be done anywhere in the world.

Travel a lot?  You won’t have to worry about missing sessions with your trainer because you can take your workout and support from your trainer anywhere you go.

No More Excuses!

With today’s technology, you don’t need to hire someone to physically work with you.  You can have your own personal trainer who you never have to see in person but can accommodate your health and fitness needs.  It’s time to invest in your health to ensure a long, pain free and active future.  You deserve this!

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! Just 2 More!

Just 2 More!!

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

Complete 3 rounds

10 Burpees

12 Dead Bugs 1-1

14 Reverse Lunges 1-1

16 Bicycle Crunches

18 High Knees 1-1

20 Side To Side Squats 1-1