Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! AMRAP & EMOM


Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

 10 MIN AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

20 Jump Squats

20 Plie Squats

20 Pushups

20 Bicycles

20 High Knees

20 Alternating Side Lunges

EMOM 6 Mins (every minute on the minute)

8 Alternating Reverse Lunges (singles)

4 Burpees

Take A Leap!

Sometimes there are things you want to do and you’re about to take a leap but you end up talking yourself out of it.  You know you want to but your overthinking has caused you to doubt your intuition.  In order to grow sometimes you just need to take that leap so your life can progress.   But how do you know when you should do it?

Tips On How To Take A Leap

  1. Don’t ignore your intuition.

Everyone has that little voice in their head.  Sometimes it speaks softly, other times it speaks loudly.  The question is, do you listen to it?  You need to learn to be confident enough in yourself so that when that little voice speaks you listen.  If you’ve been hearing the same message from your inner voice it’s time to take notice and take action.  Maybe it’s telling you to quit that job that’s sucking the life out of you so you can pursue your dream.  Or maybe it’s telling you that you need to move on from a relationship that’s doing you more harm than good.  It could even be telling you that you need to take charge of your health and start exercising and eating right.  Whatever that message is don’t ignore it.

  1. Instead of being scared about what might happen, be excited about what could happen!

Fear stands in the way for so many people.  They start thinking about the worst possible outcome and they scare themselves off even trying.  Instead of thinking the worst try imagining all the amazing possibilities that could come from you taking a leap.  Leaving a job you hate could result in you having your dream job or starting your dream business.  If you leave a relationship that’s not serving you well you might just end up meeting that person who really completes you.  Starting a healthy lifestyle will definitely result in a healthy and happy body.

  1. Stop playing the comparison game.

Have you ever talked yourself out of taking a leap because it’s not what someone else would do?  You have to stop comparing yourself to others.  Everyone has a different path and the way you do something could be completely different from how someone you admire and respect does but that’s okay!  You need to listen to your inner voice and follow your own unique path.  If things start to go way off track all you have to do is readjust.  If nothing else you will have learned some great stuff that will shape and mold you.

The Only One Standing In Your Way Is You

Stop getting in your way and take some leaps!  Maybe not all the leaps will turn out well but that’s okay – learning experiences are something you should never regret.  Don’t get to the end of your life wishing you had done those things you had wanted to do.  Take a leap and if you land badly pick yourself up, dust yourself off and leap in another direction 😊

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! Touchdown Shuffle!

Touchdown Shuffle

Complete up to 3 rounds.

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

  • Side Shuffle Touchdown (30 seconds)
  • 10 Burpees
  • Side Shuffle Touchdown (45 seconds)
  • 20 Side To Side Reach
  • Side Shuffle Touchdown (60 seconds)
  • 30 Pushups
  • Side Shuffle Touchdown (45 seconds)
  • 40 Reverse Lunges
  • Side Shuffle Touchdown (30 seconds)
  • 50 Dips

Why We Need Rest Days

The dreaded rest day…..for some of us anyway 😉 I’ve been teaching fitness for about 18 years now.  I started teaching group fitness about 17 years ago and slowly built up my schedule so that I was teaching multiple classes 6-7 days per week.  I spent a lot of years not taking any rest days at all even though I always told my clients that they needed to take rest days.  Recently I hired a coach to help me prepare to compete in a fitness figure competition and now I have assigned rest days.  This is hard for me to deal with so I decided to refresh my memory on why we need rest days.

Why We Need Rest Days

Even though some of us like to think we’re super-human and don’t need a rest day we really, really do.  Here are some reasons.

  1. Help prevent injuries.

This is one that hits close to home for me right now because I am currently dealing with a rib injury.  If you don’t take rest days you risk suffering from overuse injuries.  When you’re physically active each and every day it causes wear and tear on the joints and muscles.  You need to give your body time to rest so that you can avoid overuse injuries.

  1. Overtraining will affect your health.

Overtraining can have a detrimental effect on your immune system which can lead to more illness and injuries.  It can also affect your hormones negatively and in extreme cases cause reproductive issues.  Other symptoms of overtraining are irritability and anxiousness.

  1. Allows your muscles to recover and rebuild.

If you workout every single day, essentially all you’re doing is tearing your muscle down and not giving it a chance to rebuild.  You need rest days to give your muscles time to rebuild themselves after you ‘damage’ them in the gym.  When you workout you actually cause micro tears in your muscles.  When the muscle is given the proper rest and nutrition it repairs those tears and this is what leads to increased strength and muscle hypotrophy.

  1. Prevents burnout.

There is nothing worse than pushing yourself to workout when you’re burnt out.  If you do anything too much you’ll eventually get burnt out and this leads to frustration, irritability and even depression.  You need to switch things up regularly and give yourself at least one full day off for a break from your routine.  The day after a rest day you’ll feel energized and refreshed and ready to hit the gym with a smile on your face!


Make sure to schedule in at least one full day of rest per week.  Right now, I have two in my new workout schedule and I’d be lying if I said I was okay with that!  I totally trust my coach though and she knows what kind of shape I need to get into so if she says I need two rest days then I’m just going to do it.  Repair, regrowth and increases strength happens during rest time so treat your rest days as days that are just as important as your workout days.

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! Tabata Core & Legs!

Tabata Core & Legs!

Work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds for a total of 8 sets for each exercise.

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

  • Jackknives (20 sec. left, rest for 10 sec., 20 sec right)
  • Side Lunges (20 sec. left, rest for 10 sec., 20 sec right)
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Reverse Lunges (20 sec. left, rest for 10 sec., 20 sec right)
  • Bicycles
  • Curtsey Lunges (20 sec. left, rest for 10 sec., 20 sec right)

There Are Many Benefits Of Practicing Gratitude

Do you ever take the time to appreciate all the great people and things in your life?  There are so many small things that people take for granted and so many people that people take for granted.  Without these things and people their life would not be as great as it is and they need to recognize that.  Maybe if people knew the benefits of practicing gratitude they’d take more time to do it.

Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

We should be grateful for the special people and the things that make us happy.  Being grateful makes you aware of all the great things surrounding you and it has benefits.  Here are a few:

  1. Gratitude makes you more optimistic.

Did you know that practicing gratitude actually makes you a more optimistic person?  Optimism makes you happier, improves your health and even increases your life span by a few years.

  1. Gratitude improves your sleep.

As you try to fall asleep what’s on your mind?  If it’s worry and frustration you’re going to be tense and not be able to get a long, restful sleep.  If you’re thinking about all the things you’re grateful for your body and mind will be relaxed and calm making it possible to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  1. Gratitude makes you more resilient.

People who practice gratitude seem to have a more pro-active way of dealing with things.  They’re more likely to seek out help when they need it and they seem to cope better with stress.

  1. Gratitude helps your marriage.

It’s easy for couples to start taking each other for granted and when that happens quite often the relationship suffers.  When couples appreciate each other and let that be known they create a much tighter and more loving bond.

  1. Gratitude increases your productivity.

When you practice gratitude, you feel more energetic and happy.  When you feel energetic and happy you can’t help but be more productive.

What/Who Are You Grateful For?

Take some time today to think about all the people and things that bring you joy.  Write them down and reflect on how they make you feel and why they make you feel that way.  Just a few minutes of doing this will be enough to lift your mood and help you have a better outlook on life.

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! 45, 30, 15!

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

Repeat 3x  (45sec, 30sec, 15sec)

Suicide Tap Down

Alternating Side Lunges

Alternating Reverse lunges

Squat Jump Touch Down

Curtsey Lunge to Wide Squat (left)

Curtsey Lunge to Wide Squat (right)

Reasons To Eat Healthy And Exercise

Too many people don’t exercise enough, or in some cases at all.  Too many people are not eating healthy whole foods.  Are you one of them?  For a lot of people the thought of exercising and eating healthy doesn’t appeal to them.  For some reason exercise and healthy eating have a very negative connotation for a lot of people.  Maybe all they need are really good reasons to eat healthy and exercise.

Some Great Reasons To Eat Healthy And Exercise

If you’re looking for a great reason to eat healthy and exercise see if any of these reasons speak to you.

  1. Look better.

For many this is the motivating factor to start eating healthy and exercising.  It shouldn’t be the only reason but if it motivates you to start, use that motivation!  Eating healthy and exercising will help you to get to a healthy weight and will even help make your skin look better.  It also gives you a feeling of confidence that shines through making you even more attractive!

  1. Be there for your kids and grand kids.

Look after your health now so you can live a long and mobile life that you can enjoy with your kids and grand kids.  How great would it be to be able to take your grand kids out and not have to worry about whether or not you can keep  up with them.  You want to be able to give your all to your kids and grand kids so take care of your health now.

  1. Save money on medical bills.

You may feel healthy enough now, but if you’re not taking proper care of yourself your health will deteriorate.  Once your health deteriorates you’ll be forced to use costly medications just to be able to function properly.  By eating healthy and exercising now you may be able to avoid medications later.

  1. Feel excited about your life.

When you eat healthy and exercise you’ll have more energy and a better outlook on life.  Instead of living your life simply to make it through another day you could be living with passion and actually feel excited about your future.

  1. Better sex.

Exercise helps keep your blood pressure healthy and helps to regulate hormones.  Both those things will improve your sex life.  A study done at Boston University found that a daily 2 mile walk for men greatly improved their performance in bed.  Eating healthy helps boost circulation which will lead to better sex.

It’s Not Hard So Do It!

Eating healthy and exercising is not hard.  All it takes is a bit of planning and some effort.  For all the payoffs you experience don’t you think it’s worth it?

Wholey Fit Daily Sweat! 10 20 30 40 50…

10 20 30 40 50…..

Do one time – if you have more energy add more sets increasing by 10 reps each set.

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you start and cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

10 Squat Jumps
10 Jumping Jacks
10 Alt Lateral Lunges

Rest for 30 Seconds
20 Squat Jumps
20 Jumping Jacks
20 Alt Lateral Lunges

Rest for 30 Seconds
30 Squat Jumps
30 Jumping Jacks
30 Alt Lateral Lunges

Rest for 30 Seconds
40 Squat Jumps
40 Jumping Jacks
40 Alt Lateral Lunges

Rest for 30 Seconds
50 Squat Jumps
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Alt Lateral Lunges

Things Only Muscular Women Would Understand

When I was younger I wanted so much to be slim and petite.  I tried everything to get there and nothing worked.  When I started working out I thought that would work but instead of becoming skinny I became muscular.  I’ll admit that at first I was really upset about this.  Luckily I finally learned to appreciate my muscles and learned to come to peace with certain struggles.  There are things only muscular women would understand.

Things Only Muscular Girls Would Understand

  1. You will never find a pair of jeans that will fit both your thighs and your waist.

Jeans are a real problem.  The jeans that fit my thighs are way too big in the waist.  If I grab a pair of jeans with my proper waist size I can barely get my calves into them never mind my quadzilla thighs!

  1. Boots are another issue.

Finding boots that will zip up over my calves is another issue I struggle with.  Luckily they tend to stretch out a bit after a while.

  1. People cautioning you not to get too muscular.

Never listen to these people!  I used to feel so self-conscious about possibly looking masculine.  After asking around a bit I was absolutely reassured by my male friends that a muscular woman is both feminine and sexy.

  1. Small boobs.

Boobs are basically made up of fat so when you lose fat you tend to lose some boobage as well.  Many times in the past I’ve entertained the thought of getting a boob job.  In the end though I knew that wasn’t for me and decided to own the fact that my boobs are really tiny.  The upside?  I never have to wear a bra if I don’t feel like it and I’m into my 40s with no sign of sagging.

  1. The scale is the enemy.

If you’re weight conscious and you have a magic number you’re going to have to let that go.  I wanted so badly to weigh less but as my body got more muscular I weighed the same if not a bit more.  Here’s the thing though.  Muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space.  Many times in the past people asked me if I’d lost weight when I hadn’t because my body had become more compact.  That stupid scale still messes with my mind though – I stay off it as much as possible.

Be Proud of Your Strong Feminine Physique!

A muscular woman is still very feminine and sexy.  Having muscle means your body will move with ease, your bones will be strong and you’ll be able to stay physically active well into your later years.  If you’re a muscular woman embrace it and be proud!